Polyolefin compounds for cables and pipes boost your performance

Cable manufacturers world-wide rely on Dynasylan® for their product performance. By continually finding new ways to synthesize and by minimizing the production of waste material, manufacturing processes can be constantly optimized.

Dynasylan® enhances the properties of compounds significantly

  • Increase in the thermal dimensional stability of polyethylene which results in adequate strength at elevated temperatures
  • High filler-loading levels in halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) compounds with good melt processability
    and improved physical properties
  • Superior wet electrical properties in white-filled rubber

For wire & cable moisture-cured XLPE and mineral filled polyolefins or rubbers are used. For these applications as well as for moisture-cured PEX-b pipes silanes are needed as

  • Adhesion promoters and coupling agent for highly filled compounds
  • Grafting & crosslinking additives for grafted polyethylene (PEg) resulting in PEX pipes or XLPE cables

Vinylsilanes are used for grafting onto a polyethylene (PE) chain. This grafted PE (PEg) will be crosslinked in the presence of moisture and a catalyst to form XLPE and PEX compounds for the wire & cable and pipe industry.

Another approach is the use of vinylsilanes as a functional co-monomer in a co-polymerisation process together with ethylene and other olefins.

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