Dynasylan® makes an important contribution to the protection of your health


Dynasylan® products improve pharmaceutical ingredients.
Dynasylan® products improve pharmaceutical ingredients.

Wherever human health is concerned, it is important to meet the highest possible standards. Development of new pharmaceutical products demands a wide range of innovative fine chemicals. Our products are designed to meet the industrial requirements for innovation, reliability and quality. Evonik is stocking special silanes in bulk quantities which are offered for multiple applications within the scope of advanced chemical syntheses.

Blocking agent: Dynasylan® HMDS

  • Synthesis of lactam and macrolide antibiotics (penicillin and cephalosporin/erythromycin)
  • Synthesis of other active ingredients
  • In cholesterol-reducing drugs and agents to combat cancer

Further advantages of blocking agents

  • To improve reaction selectivity
  • To improve solubility in solvents
  • To improve stability during distillation
  • To improve applications for gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

Structure manipulation

  • Dynasylan® TES => reduction

Beyond protective group technology

  • Reagents for cleaving functional groups, reducing agents, bases for organic synthesis
  • Advantages over purely organic reagents: Reaction under mild conditions, high yields, very good selectivity

Special purposes

  • Production of materials for column chromatography, e.g. modification of non-polar adsorption materials for purification of insulin and isolation of natural substances/active ingredients
  • Support for asymmetric heterogeneous catalysts
Dynasylan® silanes set high standards in the health domain.
Dynasylan® silanes set high standards in the health domain.

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