Sustainable generation of products


Our "green" silanes Dynasylan® 1189 and Dynasylan® 1124 ensure the gentle and rapid reaction with NCO groups

For many years now, there have been polyurethane-based adhesives and sealants in which curing and crosslinking occurs through the reaction of the isocyanate end groups (NCO groups) with humidity.

However, because of their physiological effects, many of today’s manufacturers of adhesives and sealants would like to replace the NCO groups with others that do not represent a health risk but are nevertheless moisture-reactive.

In light of this trend, Dynasylan® offers the quick application, without side reactions, of NCO-containing pre-polymers with highly reactive secondary aminosilanes. For the production of these new binder systems (use in structural adhesives, parquet adhesives, over-paintable hybrid sealants), Evonik provides the following silanes:

  • Rapid reaction with NCO groups, also without a catalyst
  • Urea structure protected against hydrolysis through the butyl group
  • Improved moisture and enhanced chemical resistance
  • High flexibility in adhesives and sealants
  • Rapid reaction with NCO groups, also without a catalyst
  • Increased cohesion density through double silicon function
  • Extraordinarily good adhesive properties in difficult-to-stick-synthetic materials
  • Heat stable urea groups