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K2016: Evonik and kalwar present innovative solutions

Essen, October 18 2016
  • The cooperation with kalwar offers packaging manufacturers and film converters highly effective solutions 
  • Kalwar introduces the antifog effect of packaging films for food triggered by the calvasol® functionalization 
  • Dynasylan® SILFIN 50 increases the lifetime of the inhouse water piping systems

The combined expertise resulting from the cooperation between Evonik and kalwar opens up entirely new opportunities for film pretreatment and coatings technology, which we will showcase on our presentation wall in the form of a 3D exhibit entitled Clear View. The innovative calvasol® functionalization technology provides the consumer with a clear view of the food item thanks to antifog packaging film. The exhibit Long Lifetime demonstrates to visitors where Dynasylan® SILFIN 50 is used in the drinking water pipe system.

Dynasylan® SILFIN 50
Dynasylan® SILFIN 50 was developed especially for the use in the drinking water sector and has been successfully implemented in the market. The very long lifetime of inhouse systems for the drinking and hot water supply becomes possible by linking the pipes using the Monosil® process – and reliably at high continuous service temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius. Silane-crosslinked pipes are resistant to corrosion and expansion, are crackproof, have a reduced weight, and save laying costs. Other crucial advantages are improved wear resistance and greater resistance to fast crack propagation. Crosslinking with organofunctional silanes has also proven to be environmentally friendly and economical. Even small quantities of silane result in excellent characteristics.

Bright, fresh fruits are more appetizing than those behind fogged films. Kalwar’s innovative calvasol® functionalization systems are the systematic further development of their calvatron® surface technology. Apart from ensuring long-term adhesion as required, they also provide a solution for the antifog issue. What you see determines what you buy, and bright, fresh fruits—as the exhibit shows—are simply a better argument. The highly effective and economical coating process is environmental-friendly, significantly reduces production costs, and enables a great variety of interesting functionalities. The calvasol® technology does not only replace established production methods but, by using smart combinations, allows for producing entirely new products. In cooperation with customers, calvasol® is also used to develop release and antiblock effects in films.



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Communications Business Line Silanes

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