for coatings and metal treatment

Coatings and metal treatment



Dynasylan® for paints and coatings  (pdf, 1.97 MB)

Dynasylan® paint and coatings systems offer a large number of advantages such as improved weathering and excellent corrosion resistance as well as very good thermal stability and outstanding UV and high scratch resistance.


Dynasylan® for paints and coatings  (pdf, 5.19 MB)

Russian language version


Dynasylan® silanes for metal treatment  (pdf, 3.16 MB)

Dynasylan® can be used to formulate in water-borne as well as in solvent-based systems with an excellent storage and bath stability.


Dynasylan® SILFIN - Connecting solutions  (pdf, 683 KB)

The optimization of the catalysis is a permanent on-going process, providing faster crosslinking, stable processing, reduction of critical substances and even the complete substitution of tin. Dynasylan® SILFIN solutions are suitable for these topics.


Dynasylan® SIVO 121 for the impregnation of wood surfaces  (pdf, 1.03 MB)

Dynasylan® SIVO 121 is suitable for virtually all wood surfaces, including outdoor objects with ground contact. The water-based, solvent-free system does not affect the expansion and contraction behavior of the wood and repels dirt and water.


Dynasylan® SIVO 140 - Eco-friendly corrosion protection (flyer)  (pdf, 576 KB)

Zinc dust paints based on Dynasylan® SIVO 140 can reduce the VOC-emission by more than 90 %.


Evonik's product reference guide for coatings  (pdf, 1.45 MB)

One partner. Many experts: Evonik offers intelligent and innovative solutions for the paints, coatings, printing inks, and adhesives industries.


Flyer: VPS 4721 - A novel epoxy functional silane resin for polymer dispersions  (pdf, 3.65 MB)

VPS 4721 is a novel high molecular weight epoxy functional silane which has some advantages due to the high molecular weight compared to standard epoxy silane.


International Paint & Coating Magazine, issue February 2018: no chance for rust  (pdf, 632 KB)

Specialists of Evonik’s Resource Efficiency Segment have developed novel silane-based corrosion inhibitors that are particularly eco-friendly, easily applied, and extraordinarily efficient.


International Paint & Coating Magazine, italian edition, issue Feburary 2018: Nessuna chance per la ruggine  (pdf, 447 KB)

Gli specialisti di Evonik Resource Efficiency hanno sviluppato degli inibitori di corrosione a base di silani che sono particolarmente a basso impatto ambientale, di facile applicazione e straordinariamente efficienti.


International Paint & Coating Magazine, spanish and portuguese edition, issue February 2018: No hay lugar para el óxido / Nenhuma chance para a ferrugem  (pdf, 317 KB)

Tintas ricas em zinco base água com binders orgânicos já estão sendo lançadas no mercado. Contudo, esses novos sistemas à base de binders orgânicos não oferecem boa resistência ao calor. Por essa razão, nós desenvolvemos o Dynasylan® SIVO 140.


Product overview: silanes for coatings and metal treatment  (pdf, 171 KB)

Please find the suitable product in the area of corrosion protection, UV-curing coatings, solvent-borne and water-borne coatings.


Technical Information 1408: Dynasylan® primers  (pdf, 1.08 MB)

Dynasylan® organofunctional silanes have successfully been used for years as adhesion promoters for coatings on a wide range of substrates, firstly, as a paint additive and secondly, using a silane primer for substrate pre-treatment.


Technical Information 1408: Dynasylan® primers  (pdf, 202 KB)

Russian language version


Technical Information 1408: Dynasylan® 底漆用于油漆和涂料的硅烷底漆的配制示例 技术信息  (pdf, 572 KB)

Chinese version: 多年来. Dynasylan® 有机官能硅烷一直被成功地用作各种基底上涂料的助粘剂。通常按下列两种方式之一使用 硅烷。第一. 作为油漆助剂;第二,使用硅烷底漆来进行基底预处理。由于油漆一般为多组分系统,因此助剂方法经 常会因与油漆成分的副反应而失败。此类情况下,建议使用硅烷底漆来进行预处理


The Coatings Expert Journal  (pdf, 6.86 MB)

Good for the environment: water-borne silane systems for corrosion protection formulations based on Dynasylan® SIVO 140 and Dynasylan® SIVO 160, page 16


环保型的腐蚀防护新技术  (pdf, 1.15 MB)

Chinese version: 使用 Dynasylan® SIVO 140 配制的水性锌粉涂料可以将VOC的排放量减少90 %以上,既能保护桥梁,也能保护环境。