dynasylan® hydrosil

Products of this group are water-borne but also storage-stable, and are produced in a proprietary process exclusively by Evonik. They are non-flammable and release no solvents during the production or application in the end product (almost VOC-free). 

For the sake of the environment: products of the Dynasylan® HYDROSIL family are water-borne.

The performance of Dynasylan® HYDROSIL is superior to standard organofunctional silanes and conventional coupling agents. Dynasylan® HYDROSIL products can be used as primers for adhesion promotion as well as for final sealing of microporous systems.

  • Concentration in water can be varied within a wide range 

  • Custom-tailored silane systems

  • Equal functionalities within a wide pH-range 

  • Immediate and complete solubility in water 

  • Improved shelf life (6 to 12 months) 

  • Incorporation of different functional groups within one molecule

  • Non-flammable