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Today there is a multitude of possibilities to benefit from the use of Dynasylan® in a responsible and sustainable way. Due to our global presence, we possess in many cases country-specific expertise in the field of environmental protection. New application areas have constantly been discovered by the combination of our research and development along with close contacts to our customers.  Whether you are thinking about Dynasylan® products for a well-established application or for the next cutting-edge idea, you will find the right solution with our Dynasylan® products.

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Chemical functionalities

Chemical functionalities

Our products feature a great breadth of functio-nalities and accordingly widely diversified typical applications.

Silanes link with both organic and inorganic matrices.

Application areas

The chemical structure of silanes allows them to link with both organic and inorganic matrices. This special structure has made silanes indispensable to all kinds of markets and applications. Numerous products and processes are inconceivable without silanes.

Dynasylan® products are divided in five groups.

Product groups

Our products are bundled in five groups. Please get an overview of our portfolio, comprising a broad spectrum of sustainable specialities and innovations.

Evonik has been researching, developing and producing silanes for more than 70 years.

Product finder and safety data sheets

Please find here detailed Dynasylan® product information as well as the associated safety data sheets.