Crosslinking for high efficiency

Silanes act as high efficient crosslinkers in various applications.

Molecular model

Dynasylan® products have long been used to crosslink polymers such as silicones, polyethers, epoxies, polyethylenes, polyacrylates, polyurethanes, and others. Crosslinking occurs in the presence of moisture. In these applications, they positively influence properties such as modulus of elasticity, flexural or tensile strength. The cost-efficient technology is used in many application fields.

Part A: Grafting of polyolefins with vinylsilanes, e.g. Dynasylan® VTMO
Graphic grafting of polyolefins

Vinylsilane is attached to the polymer backbone through peroxide grafting.

Part B: Crosslinking of silane-grafted polyolefins
Graphic of silane-grafted polyolefins

Crosslinking occurs through condensation of silane species.

Application areas for crosslinking with dynasylan®