Dynasylan® sets standards for sophisticated investment casting processes

Dynasylan® ethyl silicates are used as refractory binders for precision foundry.


Foundry mold

Advantages of using ethyl silicate as a slurry binder
  • Reduced drying time between coats, and hence reduced shelling time

  • Possibility to produce particularly intricate shapes

  • Possibility to automate the shelling process by standardizing the drying/setting between coats

  • Possibility to adjust the shell strength by chemical setting of the coat

  • Reduced shelling area

  • Relatively cheap air conditioning set-up

The following products are recommended
  • Dynasylan® SILBOND® 40 is is an ethylpolysilicate base with a SiO2 content of approx. 40 %

  • Dynasylan® SILBOND® Condensed is a precursor used to make hydrolyzed binders

  • Dynasylan® AR and Dynasylan® XAR are ready-to-use binders based on ethylpolysilicate and silica sol with
    a SiO2 content of approx. 20 %; they are marketed primarily in Europe

  • A broad portfolio of Dynasylan® SILBOND® ready-to-use binders are marketed primarily in North America

Air condition

Dynasylan® ethyl silicates enable a relatively cost-efficient installation of air-conditioning systems.

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