Dynasylan® gives foundry resins more strength

The development of foundry binders based on organic resins has become possible only by the use of organofunctional silanes. Synthetic foundry binders e.g. those for cold curing processes enable energy saving, are environmentally friendly and enable fast curing to fulfill the high demands of the state-of-the-art foundry technology.


Dynasylan® organofunctional silanes are produced worldwide under the highest quality and environmental standards.

Organofunctional silanes are essential to achieve the necessary strength at the relatively low content of binder. Without addition of silanes to foundry resin the binder strength is not sufficient, only the usage of silanes achieves sufficientlevels of mechanical strength.

Evonik Resource Efficiency offers a broad range of organofunctional silanes which have been specially developed for the foundry industry. This enables optimum silanes to be offered for the different resin systems.

The most important effects of Dynasylan® organofunctional silanes in resin-bonded foundry mould materials
  • Improvement of initial and final strength

  • Reduction in the resin requirement

  • Increase in storage stability of the resin

  • Elimination of disturbing environmental effects such as moisture

The choice of the right silane for a particular resin system is made on the basis of known structure and empirical testing. A suitable Dynasylan® can be recommended for all different foundry resin process

A wide range of binder systems has been developed with Dynasylan® - to suit different resin systems:

  • Croning process

  • Hot-box process

  • No-bake process

  • Cold-box process

  • Warm-box process

  • Ester curing process

  • SO2-process