Protectosil® - Your partner for building protection

Evonik's Protectosil® products protect mineral undergrounds as concrete, granite, render or sandstone permanently against harmful environmental influences and pollution. Protectosil®, one of our best-known and longtime successful brands, prevents infrastructural buildings like bridges and tunnels as well as historical monuments from deterioration. This makes it possible to extend the useful life of buildings with a simultaneous reduction of maintenance and energy costs.

Water, road salt, and heavy traffic put a strain on the steel-reinforced concrete used in bridges. Protectosil® from Evonik is a building protection agent that extends the life of important traffic arteries and can prevent potential damage before it can even take hold. The video shows, taking the state of German bridges as example, how Evonik's building protection products can counteract corrosion right from the start of construction.

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Evonik offers tailor-made Protectosil® silane-based protective systems in terms of water repellents, antigraffiti, corrosion control, surface protection and stone consolidation. However the main reason for deterioration is the penetration of humidity, efflorescence or damaging by de-icing salt or salt-wedging, for example on the metal parts of bridges, that become noticeable as corrosion.

We not only look back on many references in the area of corrosion control. We even have the suitable product defending the building material against pollution, infestation of alguae, mould, moss and graffiti in our portfolio.

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