Boost the Power of adhesives and sealants

Dynasylan® as reinforcing agent improves internal cohesion

Dynasylan® products can be used to strengthen adhesives and sealants internally, using the same mechanism as with adhesion.

Special Dynasylan® products ensure high adhesive strength.

When using reinforced fillers with reactive surfaces (e.g. with OH groups), carefully selected Dynasylan® reinforcers create a strong covalent link over molecular bridges between the filler and the polymer system. This results not only in a visible improvement in internal cohesion, but also less filler agglomerates are formed in the polymer mass, which in turn leads to an improved dispersion of the particles.

The Dynasylan® reinforcement can either be dosed as an additive together with the filler directly to the adhesive and sealant or used to coat the filler in the first place. For many years, brands like AEROSIL® (pyrogenic silica) or AEROXIDE® (pyrogenic special oxides) have successfully incorporated Dynasylan®.

The desired and highly valued effects are
  • Thickening

  • Thixotropy

  • Processability

  • Transparency

  • Reinforcement