Optimized Elasticity, flexural and tensile strength

Dynasylan® Crosslinking agents - A PERFECT WAY to improve physical  properties

Dynasylan® products have long been in use as a polymer crosslinking agent, for example in silicones, MS polymers® and polyurethanes.

Silanes improve elasticity, flexural and tensile strength.

In these applications, they positively influence properties such as modulus of elasticity, flexural or tensile strength. In addition, silanes can modify a polymer chain through radical polymerization or by reacting with active groups.

Crosslinking is catalyzed by humidity; actual crosslinking speed can be adapted to the respective product requirements through various factors, e.g. type and amount of silanes, or changes to catalyst or pH values.

The type and amount of alkoxy groups in the basic silicon structure of Dynasylan®, as well as the basicity of the polymer group “Y“, can have a significant impact on the nature of the crosslinking.

Our most important crosslinkers are
  • Dynasylan® P

  • Dynasylan® 40

  • Dynasylan® A

  • Dynasylan® VTMO

  • Dynasylan® TRIAMO

  • Various aminosilanes (as co-crosslinkers) e.g. Dynasylan® 1146