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Evonik: New organic-inorganic binder for water-based zinc-rich paints

• Dynasylan® SIVO® 140 - weather-resistant and almost free of solvents (VOC)
• Resistant to heat and chemicals

Dynasylan® SIVO® 140 is a new, water-based and almost VOC-free organic-inorganic binder made by Evonik Industries. It is formulated with zinc dust as a second component. Formulations based on Dynasylan® SIVO® 140 can be used starting from temperatures of ten degrees Celsius. The innovative product combines the positive properties of inorganic and organic binders. Zinc-rich paints are primarily used as heavy duty binders in corrosion protection coatings on steel.

Zinc-rich paints can be manufactured with inorganic and organic binders. Inorganic binders are heat-resistant and cure at room temperature. However, inorganic systems that are aqueous but alkaline often show detachment at the interface with the layer above. The binder Dynasylan® SIVO® 140 stands out for its good adhesion to the corresponding top- coats. Additionally, Dynasylan® SIVO® 140 is much more heat-resistant than organic binders. 

Dynasylan® SIVO® 140 can be diluted with water without creating any ethanol, since the silanes are fully hydrolyzed. The active silanol groups are stabilized and there is a wide range of formulating options with fillers and pigments. As a consequence, Dynasylan® SIVO® 140 has many flexible applications and is also suitable for formulations of thin and thick anti-corrosive coatings. The processing time depends on the utilized fillers and pigments. Formulations can be applied to sand-blasted surfaces and an overcoating is possible after one day. Typical application areas for heavy duty corrosion protection coatings include overhead power-line utility poles, industrial facilities, bridges, and the exterior hull of ships.

The Functional Silanes Business Line of the Evonik Inorganic Materials Business Unit from Evonik offers adhesive promoters, monomers for resin synthesis, and water-based organic-inorganic binders for the coatings market.


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