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Adhesives - Das Klebstoffmagazin von Evonik Industries  (pdf, 1,09 MB)

AEROSIL® & Dynasylan®: Ein konkurrenzloses Duo in transparenten Hybrid-Dichtstoffen, siehe Seite 6


Dynasylan® product range  (pdf, 582 KB)

Under the brand name Dynasylan®, Evonik Resource Efficiency offers a wide range of different silanes for paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, glass fibers, plastics, cables or pharmaceuticals.


Dynasylan® silanes for adhesives and sealants  (pdf, 3,18 MB)

Organofunctional Dynasylan® products improve adhesion, cohesion and drying. In addition, they can be used for reinforcement and endcapping.


Flyer: sustainable and efficient wind power  (pdf, 152 KB)

Blade lifetime is a critical factor. Dynasylan® coupling agents give long-lasting connections between glass fiber mats and the resin, thus optimizing the stability of the composite.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® 1189 in adhesives and sealants applications  (pdf, 74 KB)

Dynasylan® 1189 is an adhesion promoter for highly elastic products and a high-efficient endcapper for the modification of NCO groups. Its use results in outstanding moisture curable binders which are at the same time environmentally-friendly.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silane oligomers (adhesives and sealants)  (pdf, 69 KB)

Learn more about our Dynasylan® oligomeric systems: several products act as less yellowing adhesion promoters for glass, metals and diverse plastics, as well as coupling or dispersing agents.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes for acrylic adhesives and sealants  (pdf, 91 KB)

Dynasylan® silanes improve adhesion and mechanical properties in acrylic adhesives and sealants. Many of our high-performance products are almost VOC-free and require no labelling.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes for automotive  (pdf, 142 KB)

Whether for windshields, car bodies, underbody sealants, acrylic tapes or plastisols, we offer you the most suitable product.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes for construction  (pdf, 100 KB)

Many of our products for adhesives and sealants are applied in the construction industry, including our new adhesion promoters VPS SIVO 260 and VPS SIVO 280 for difficult challenges.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes for electronic adhesives  (pdf, 91 KB)

Our products for diverse electronic applications offer several benefits such as VPS 7163 with high affinities for metals and plastics.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes for epoxy-based adhesives  (pdf, 127 KB)

Dynasylan® silanes enhance adhesion and mechanical properties in epoxy-based adhesives, including chemically neutral and low volatile products like


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes in hotmelts  (pdf, 131 KB)

Our considerable product portfolio for hotmelts contains traditional as well as special adhesion promoters for various requirements.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes in PU  (pdf, 77 KB)

Dynasylan® products for 1 K and 2 K PU-adhesives and sealants ensure adhesion promotion with excellent performance, even for specific needs, requiring crosslinking ability or less yellowing.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes in rubber-based systems  (pdf, 143 KB)

Our Dynasylan® adhesives and sealants in rubber-based systems offer numerous advantages for various rubber grades, even for high temperature applications.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes in silicones  (pdf, 133 KB)

Our Dynasylan® products for silicones are suitable for standard substrates as well as for high temperature applications and special / superior, less yellowing adhesion.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes in SMP  (pdf, 93 KB)

Dynasylan® in SMP (STPE / STPU)-technologies serve f. e. as special adhesion promoters, increasing elasticity, low volatile water scavangers with higher flash points or co-adhesion promoters for metals and plastics with high crosslinking ability.


Infomercial: Dynasylan® silanes in STPU  (pdf, 131 KB)

Dynasylan® adhesives and sealants for STPU products and technologies cover a broad adhesion spectrum improving product and mechanical properties.


Product overview: Evonik for adhesives and sealants  (pdf, 39 KB)

Evonik Industries is one of the major suppliers to the adhesives industry. The constantly growing range of products and solutions reflects our innovation and flexibility, the answer to modern market demands.


Solution case study Dynasylan® 1146  (pdf, 722 KB)

Formulate green adhesives and sealants with broad adhesion performance in difficult conditions thanks to the almost VOC-free Dynasylan® 1146! It is particularly suitable for construction, parquet applications and transportation.


Solution case study Dynasylan® 1146 and SIVO 203  (pdf, 685 KB)

Formulate transparent SMP-based adhesives and sealants with reduced yellowing over time and increased mechanical properties! The products are suitable for many application areas such as construction, transportation, do-it-yourself or industrial assembly.


Solution case study Dynasylan® 1189  (pdf, 707 KB)

Formulate highly flexible and durable SMP-based adhesives and sealants thanks to Dynasylan® 1189 aminosilane! The product causes no side reactions and no precuring undesirable for PU chemistry.


Solution case study Dynasylan® SIVO 203  (pdf, 670 KB)

Formulate elastic adhesives and sealants with broad adhesion spectrum and reduced yellowing thanks to the eco-friendly Dynasylan® SIVO 203! Especially adhesion on critical substrates like PET or PVC can be significantly improved.


Solution case study VPS 7161  (pdf, 883 KB)

VPS 7161 is a special silane adhesion promoter with a planar structure and a very high crosslinking potential. It shows excellent chemical compatibility to aminecritical, sensitive isocyanates that makes it a tailor-made solution for PU-based adhesives.


Solution case study VPS SIVO 260  (pdf, 771 KB)

Formulate VOC-reduced SMP based adhesives, sealants and silicones with excellent mechanical properties! The unique combination of performances enables environmentally friendly and free final products.


Technical Information 1374: products for 1-component RTV silicone sealant compounds  (pdf, 619 KB)

Dynasylan® organofunctional silanes can be used as crosslinkers or additives in the production of RTV-1 silicone sealants by condensation reactions, optimizing properties such as elastic modulus, elongation, and tensile strength.


Technical Information: Dynasylan® 1146 - Aminosilane  (pdf, 126 KB)

Dynasylan® 1146 produces approximately 30 % less VOC leading to less odor and improved product safety. Both are good news for hygiene, environment and for costs.


We give wings to wind power  (pdf, 1,81 MB)

The wind energy market will be driven by pro-environmental regulations. AEROSIL® fumed silica, Dynasylan® and Protectosil® silanes are used as essential additives in wind energy applications.


We turn solar power into next generation energy  (pdf, 1,74 MB)

Looking for ways to use solar energy creatively? Evonik can show you how it's done.