High-tech performance for the special flair of artificial stones

If all of the marble flooring and paneling used in offices, hotels, shopping centers, and airports were made of real stone, our natural sources of marble would have been depleted long ago. Demand for artificial stones has also been on the rise in private households for some time now, as standards for kitchen countertops and bathroom fixtures grow increasingly sophisticated. 

Work surfaces made of artificial stone
Work surfaces made of artificial stone

To achieve the high performance standard of modern composite systems the use of organofunctional silanes is necessary. When used in engineered stone, silanes yield a harder, non-slip material that repels water and dirt. Evonik's experts produce various specialty silanes that promote adhesion between the sand and polymer in the artificial stone.

Modern thermosets filler systems require

  • Enhanced mechanical properties
  • Improved filler dispersion
  • Better wetting of the filler surface
  • Improved hydrophobicity
  • Improved UV resistance