Adhesion promotion


Our experts create customized solutions.
Our experts create customized solutions.

When used as an adhesion promoter, Dynasylan® acts as a bifunctional organosilicon binding agent, which creates a chemical link (bridge) between an adhesive or sealant and either an inorganic or organic substrate.

As an adhesion promoter, Dynasylan® can be added as an additive directly during the production of the end product. This has become successful and normal practice in many application areas (1K systems are becoming increasingly important). Where a particularly complicated adhesion problem is required (and if the use of Dynasylan® as an additive is impossible in this special case), the Dynasylan® adhesion promoter can also be applied as a primer to the substrate (e.g. in an aqueous solution or solvent).

The silicon functional group “OR“ (mainly methoxy or ethoxy groups) hydrolyzes in water (humidity, surface moisture) to form reactive silanol groups (Si-OH). Depending on the amount of moisture present, alcohol is released in smaller or larger amounts. A further reaction of the silanol groups often occurs through condensation with reactive surface groups of the relevant substrate (e.g. metal or glass).

Crucial for the success or failure of an adhesive or sealant is the selection of the right adhesion promoter, and in particular the selection of the organofunctional group “Y“. This ensures optimum compatibility with the polymer type being used and is decisive for the quality of the physical properties of the adhesive.