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Tintas e Revestimentos
“Protecting both air and steel” - European Coatings Journal, issue October 2017 (pdf, 934,19 KB)
Water-borne zinc-rich paints based on organic binders are already entering the market; however these new systems based on organic binders do not have good heat resistance. We therefore developed Dynasylan® SIVO 140.
A breakthrough in metal corrosion protection technology (pdf, 2,80 MB)
Dynasylan® for paints and coatings (pdf, 2,03 MB)
Dynasylan® paint and coatings systems offer a large number of advantages such as improved weathering resistance, excellent corrosion resistance as well as very good thermal stability and outstanding UV and high scratch resistance.
Dynasylan® silanes for metal treatment (pdf, 3,14 MB)
Dynasylan® can be used to formulate in water-borne as well as in solvent-based systems with an excellent storage and bath stability.
Dynasylan® SIVO 121 for the impregnation of wood surfaces (pdf, 1,00 MB)
Dynasylan® SIVO 121 is suitable for virtually all wood surfaces, including outdoor objects with ground contact. The water-based, solvent-free system does not affect the expansion and contraction behavior of the wood and repels dirt and water.
Smart Formulating for Coatings (pdf, 6,83 MB)
Smart Formulating Journal, Issue 06 (pdf, 3,23 MB)
Topics: innovative sol-gel based silane systems for metal treatment formulations
Technical Information 1408: Dynasylan® Primers (pdf, 142,62 KB)
Dynasylan® organofunctional silanes have successfully been used for years as adhesion promoters for coatings on a wide range of substrates, firstly, as a paint additive and secondly, using a silane primer for substrate pre-treatment.
Technical Information 1408: Dynasylan® Primers (pdf, 146,48 KB)
Portuguese version: examples for the formulation of silane primers for paint and coatings
The Coatings Expert Journal (pdf, 6,86 MB)
Good for the environment: water-borne silane systems for corrosion protection formulations based on Dynasylan® SIVO 140 and Dynasylan® SIVO 160, page 16