Dynasylan® for the wire, cable and pipe industry


For wire & cable applications, moisture-cured XLPE and mineral filled polyolefins or rubbers are used. For these applications as well as for moisture-cured PEX-b pipes, silanes are needed as:

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Dynasylan® SILFIN 50 increases the lifetime of the inhouse water piping systems considerably.

Silanes are needed as

  • Adhesion promoters and coupling agent for highly filled compounds

  • Grafting & crosslinking additives for grafted polyethylene (PEg) resulting in PEX pipes or XLPE cables

Dynasylan® for plastics (pdf, 2,43 MB)
Dynasylan® oligomers

Multifunctional silanes with their tailor-made oligomeric structure provide different benefits:

  • Significantly reduced alcohol release (low VOC–low volatile organic component)

  • Combination of different functionalities in one molecule like vinyl, alkyl, amino, and diamino groups

  • High flashpoint

  • Safer handling and storage, additional safety during production

  • No loss of material even at elevated compounding conditions

Dynasylan® SILFIN

With Dynasylan® SILFIN we provide a wide range of ready-to-use products for the wire & cable and pipe industry but also for other thermoplastic applications.  With these easy to dose liquid products, we offer tailor-made blends consisting of all necessary ingredients for grafting and crosslinking of polyethene resulting in PEX and XLPE.

These products contain vinyl silanes and initiators for the two-step SIOPLAS® process and additionally crosslinking catalysts plus in some cases other additives like antioxidants, metal deactivator, processing aids, etc. for the one-step process (Monosil®).

Long lifetime of drinking water pipes with Dynasylan® SILFIN 50

Silane crosslinking increases the lifetime of the inhouse water piping systems considerably – and reliably – at high continuous service temperatures. At elevated temperatures, non-crosslinked polyethylene is easily deformed.

Silane-crosslinked polyethylene high density pipes show a significant weight reduction and greater resistance to crack formation. Other crucial advantages are improved corrosion, wear, and thermal resistance as well as significantly reduced laying costs.

LEARN MORE ABOUT CROSSLINKED DRINKING WATER PIPESSilane crosslinking of polyethylene (pdf, 678,79 KB)Dynasylan® in filled plastic compounds (pdf, 688,86 KB)
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Dynasylan® SILFIN 50 allows for long-term service temperatures up to 90° C.