Dynasylan® SIVO 140: water-borne and highly effective against corrosion

Water-borne zinc dust paints gain in importance as regulations of VOC’S are becoming more stringent. Dynasylan® SIVO 140 is the binder of choice for such formulations. 

Please Follow us into our competence center and watch how our experts create, prepare and test water-borne corrosion protection coatings based on Dynasylan® SIVO 140. TAKE A LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES AND ENJOY OUR 360° VIDEO:
Steel bridge
Environmentally Friendly binder for corrosion protection with extra benefits
Steal beam coated with a zinc dust formulation based on Dynasylan® SIVO 140

The water based and almost VOC-free and therefore also eco-friendly product is formulated with zinc dust as second component. Besides curing at room temperature, it also provides a good adhesion to topcoats.

Dynasylan® SIVO 140 has many advantages in comparison to other water-borne binders for zinc silicate coatings. It dries quickly, it is easy to process, compatible with many fillers and pigments. Furthermore it has a higher heat resistance than water-borne organic binders and can easily be diluted with water without generating undesired ethanol.

Dynasylan® SIVO 140 is used as a binder for corrosion protection coatings on ships, offshore facilities and bridges. These coatings display excellent against sun and ocean. Furthermore, industrial plants and utility poles belong to the typical application areas. Depending on the application the aqueous system can be brushed or sprayed.

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Dynasylan® SIVO 140 - Eco-friendly corrosion protection (flyer)  (pdf, 844 KB) The Coatings Expert Journal - more on page 16 “Protecting both air and steel” - European Coatings Journal, issue October 2017  (pdf, 934 KB)
Container ship

Coatings in marine and offshore areas need to protect metal surfaces against corrosion and weather in highly demanding environments.