Dynasylan® for more stability in glass fiber products

Glass fibre products, such as endless glass fibres, chopped strands, mats, rovings, yarns, milled glass fibre, glass wool are used as reinforcing materials in plastics.

glass fiber mat

Glass fibre products such as mats are used as reinforcing materials in thermoplastics.

The strength imparted to the plastic by the glass fibre combined with silane-inducted excellent adhesion promotion provide high profile properties of the reinforced material.

  • High elasticity

  • Low weight

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Chemical resistance

  • Good heat and sound insulation

The natural glass surface shows poor adhesion to polymers, particularly in the presence of moisture. For this reason the glass surface is altered organophilic by a size or finish treatment. The essential components of the size or finish are our Dynasylan® products which effect.

  • Transmission of glass fibre strength to the polymer

  • Reduction of moisture sensitivity

  • Mechanical protection of glass fibres

  • Improvement of adhesion