Dynasylan® CREATes magnificent POSSIBIlITIES

Beyond your imagination

Based on a long-time tradition our products are used in numerous applications and are constantly being improved in our modern high-tech competence centers. By continually optimizing our product features we are already laying the foundation for future technologies and solutions.

Our Credo in research and development is to combine the advantages of our silane systems with the customer and market needs. Customers and not least the environment benefit from our economical process management and avoidance of residues.

Adhesives and sealants

The use of silanes within the adhesives and sealants industry help replace sophisticated and expensive processes such as screwing, welding or riveting by adhesives or sealants. Organofunctional Dynasylan® products improve adhesion. They also act as water scavengers and polymer modifiers (endcapping).



Aerogels are characterized by their very marginal thermal conductivity. As a consequence they are particularly suitable for special applications in high-performance insulation materials.


Artificial stone

Silanes provide a long lasting protection of artificial stones and thus ensure the charm of these resin-bonded raw materials that are used for example in kitchen counters, window ledges, floorings and wall tiles.


Building protection

Our Protectosil® products protect the building structure against harmful environmental influences and pollution. This reduces not only energy costs but also extends significantly the life cycle of buildings. 


Coatings and metal treatment

Dynasylan® coating and metal treatment systems increase their stability and adhesion promotion. They provide a higher durability and UV resistance. Dynasylan® products help against wear and corrosion and serve for sealing surfaces. Here you will also find information about our eco-friendly water-borne binders.



Electronics and microelectronics require highly purified silanes which, for example, function as adhesion promoters in the microelectronic industry. 

Colorful pigments

Fillers and pigments

Inorganic pigments and minerals in organic resins, thermoplastic or rubber composites are chemically modified with Dynasylan® silanes.



Ethyl silicates offer various advantages as binders in foundry applications.

Blast furnace

Foundry resin

Evonik Resource Efficiency offers a broad range of organofunctional silanes which have been especially developed for the foundry industry. This enables silanes optimally to be offered for different resin systems.


Glass fibres / Mineral and glass wool insulation

The glass surface is adjusted organophilic by a size or finish treatment. The essential components of the size or finish are our Dynasylan® products.



Oil production in the North Sea is a tricky business. Most of the oil deposits are mixed with loose sandstone. The challenge is in producing the oil without producing sand, enabling by Dynasylan® products.



Wherever human health is concerned, it is important to meet the highest possible standards. Development of new pharmaceutical products demands a wide range of innovative fine chemicals.



Our highlights include the development of forward-looking tailor-made solutions for the plastics industry.



Organofunctional silanes are necessary to achieve the high performance requirements in thermosets. They are used, for example, in sanitary ceramics.